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I’m a Business Copywriter, I take care of your Sales Funnels copy, Sales Pages copy, Advertising copy, Web copy and of course your Email copy, and many more…

online riches
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Good, effective copy rings true in the ears (eyes) of the reader/writer, identifies with that person's feelings on the subject, then offers a clear-cut way to benefit the reader. It doesn't matter how the technology evolves for delivering copy, whether it's typewritten words on a page, beautifully laid-out documents for online delivery, video landing pages, or whatever's next - even holographic promos..... the bottom line is the promo will succeed or not, based on how effective the copy is.​

- Wayne Ellis, Eagle Publications

I can't imagine why anyone would NOT want to hire a great Copywriter to their staff. A great copywriter will bring both the skill of writing winning copy and great marketing strategy to the table to help them get ahead. Great strategy and winning copy is like 'sharpening the axe' before you go out to chop down a tree .....because you may only get a few swings at that tree ... and they better get the job done!

- Sean Greeley, NPE, LLC

Obviously, making money is real important. But that is a given. To me, strong copy can also bring on the right customer with the right mindset. So ...strong copy will be well researched, it will be quality, it will be emotional, it will reflect the newsletter and the editor ....so it will bring on the right people and will set them up to know what to expect from the product. And in the end, strong copy leads to long-term money.

- Aaron DeHoog, Sovereign Society

Great copy is the lifeblood of our business. Without talented copywriters, we simply couldn't exist.

- Angela Salerno Jirau, Publisher/President, The Institute for Natural Healing